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Solar Stirling Plant

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Home Made Energy Made Easy
Turn your home into a green house and start saving money!

Do you dread when the energy bills come? Do you think you’re being held hostage by your power company? In many ways you are but that doesn’t mean you can’t become proactive and do something about it. More and more people across the country are discovering alternative home made energy sources. Going green has never been easier!

There are many simple and cost effective steps you can take right now to improve your energy costs. Turning off lights sounds simple but you’d be amazed at how many people leave lights burning in empty rooms. You should also consider swapping out to more energy efficient light bulbs. And check the insulation around your doors and windows. A few properly placed weather strips will go a long way towards insuring that your home heating isn’t literally going out the window.

Beyond those simple steps to conserve energy, you can now consider harnessing the power of solar and wind energy to power your house. This isn’t as complicated or as expensive as you may think. There a numerous companies who have gotten into the home made energy business. They’ve developed a wide range of solar panel kits available for the home user. Simple solar panels can be installed on a roof or backyard that can provide abundant sources of energy. So much energy, in fact, that you may even be able to sell some back to your local power company.

If you live in an apartment, you might be able to set up a small solar panel or wind turbine on a balcony. Although these smaller units might not be able to power your entire living space, they can help keep appliances running which will still cut down on your power bills.

With a little research you’ll even discover that there are many government programs standing by to help you utilize home made energy. Tax credits and low interest loans and grants are available for qualified home owners. Don’t let another winter season come and go without taking the opportunity to slash your power bills and put home made energy to work for you!


Home Made Energy

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Tesla Secret

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Earth 4 Energy Saves You Green

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Build an Electric Car

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